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All those who are too far away to visit "Sweet Things & Stories" or who simply prefer to browse great English books at home  -

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 - individually and professionally selected books 


 - clearly laid out representation of the books with detailed and helpful descriptions


 - in addition to the usual picture you'll find a meaningful photo from inside the book, showing you a                representative illustration or page 99 of a novel (according to the famous writer Ford Maddox Ford, who died  1939, the best way to find out if you want to read a book...)


 - Our general offer on every book on this page: Original price in GBP = Actual Price in Euros, which means you automatically save quite a sum instead of paying an extra charge for books from the UK. Many prices are reduced even further.

(The original prices given in the product descriptions are taken from the GBP/Euro exchange rate of the day the product is added to this page).


 - The books are bought in London but shipped directly from Germany which means low shipping costs and speedy delivery

(Note that 5-8 days delivery time are announced in the product descriptions because the German post often takes more time to check book parcels. However, books are always sent the working day following your order and might arrive earlier. Should you be able to drop by you can always make an appointment and get and buy your books at the shop).


 - Shipping is 3,50€, no matter how many books you buy.  Free shipping if your purchase is 30€ or more.