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Solar System Scratch and Sketch

A luxury activity book for inquisitive artists and astronauts aged 7 and older. With the wooden stylus children can scratch away the black coating from 5 glow-in-the dark, five metallic and glitter and ten swirl pattern pages to discover amazing pictures like planets, telescopes, meteors... There are twenty more pages with informative texts and drawings and twenty extra pages for doodling. 


Title: Solar System Scratch and Sketch

Author: Peter Pauper Press

Language: English

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press

Place and Year of Publication: London

Format: Hardcover with spiral binding

Size: ca.21x16 cm

Pages: 60

ISBN: 978-1-59359-917-1

Condition: New

11,41 € 2

8,99 €

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Great British Things to Make and Do

Over 20 classically British things to craft, cook, make and do: Dragons, conkers, football, saints, wellies and much more will entertain children all by themselves or provide a great resource for English teachers to introduce children aged 8-12 to British customs the fun way!

Complete with solutions and a sticker sheet.


Title: Great British Things to Make and Do

Author: Samantha Meredith; Sally Morgan

Language: English

Publisher: Scholastic

Place and year of publication: London 2014

Format: Paperback

Size: ca. 24,5x19cm

Pages: 64

ISBN: 978-1-407139-62-3

Condition: New

7,06 € 2

4,99 €

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I can draw - Set of Drawing Books

Giant drawing fun for pre-schoolers with 10 (!) themed booklets that offer step-to-step instructions for drawing simple animals, vehicles and more. Every double page shows in four smaller grids how to proceed and then offers a bigger one for the child to try, all surrounded by colourful pictures. Giant savings, too!!

Title: I Can Draw

Author: Simon Abbott (Ill.)

Language: English

Publisher: Kingfisher

Place and year of publication: London 2012

Format: Paperback

Size: ca. 26,5x21cm

Pages: 10x16

ISBN: 978-0-7534-3566-3

Condition: New

55,87 € 2

7,99 €

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The Lost Treasure of the Green Iguana

An intelligently made quiz book with lots of hints and information to be able to make your way through beautifully drawn complex mazes belonging to an adventure story:

"The Explorers' Club needs you for an urgent mission to track down the missing Doctor Fortuito and recover the Lost Treasure of the Green Iguana. Forge a path through the ten lavishly illustrated mazes using the Doctor's notes to help you negotiate hair-raising encounters with Giant Water Snails, Crocodiles, Snake Vines and the fearsome guardian of the treasure trove - the great Green Iguana!"


Title: The Lost Treasure of the Green Iguana

Author: Judith Rossell

Language: English

Publisher: Southwood Books

Place and Year of Publication: London 2002

Format: Paperback

Size: ca. 27x21cm

Pages: 32

ISBN: 978-1-903207-70-3

Condition: New

6,79 € 2

3,99 €

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My amazing Year

A book for children aged 8 and older to create a colourful record of a year in their life. It's an easy way to start a kind of diary with full-coloured paged and lots of ideas to drew, write down, include fotos, remember funny moments, cut out and stick in pictures, celebrate various holidays, talk about the family...


A nice idea to keep children occupied and give them their first self-made memory-book. Also a good idea to motivate German kids to work with English texts.


Title: My Amazing Year

Author: Heather Morris

Language: English

Publisher: Brown Dog Books

Place and Year of Publication: Bath 2000

Format: Paperback

Size: ca. 29,5x21cm

Pages: 48

ISBN: 978-1-903-05614-1

Condition: New


6,79 € 2

4,99 €

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Ye Olde Doodles - Activity Book durch Zeit, Welt und Geschichte

Edutainment der Extraklasse!

Wie der Untertitel verrät, gibt es in diesem Buch "over 100 head-chopping, eye-popping, jaw-dropping doodles", also Zeichnungnen, die man nach Anweisung und eigenen Ideen fertigstellen soll. Zu jeder Zeichnung gibt es kurz und knapp ein paar spannende Informationen zu dieser wilden Zeitreise durch Geographie und Geschichte. Welche Beute ist den Steinzeitjägern in die Grube gegangen? Erfinde Tierköpfe für ägyptische Gottheiten, fülle die Pyramide mit Geheimgängen und Kammern, gib' den Gladiatoren Uniformen und Waffen, fülle das Mittelalterbuffet mit Köstlichkeiten, ergänze Kublai Khans sinkende Flotte, welcher Film läuft 1920 in einem der ersten Kinos...


Ab ca. 10 Jahren geeignet.


Auch als nettes Extra, Lückenfüller oder Differenzierungsmaterial im Unterricht genial!!


Titel: Ye Olde Doodles

Autor: Andrew Pinder

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Michael O'Mara Books

Erscheinungsort und -jahr: London 2011

Format: Taschenbuch

Größe: ca. 29,5x20,5cm

Seitenzahl: 160

ISBN: 978-1-907151-20-0

Zustand: Neu

13,09 € 2

9,99 €

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