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Guitar Kit: The Beatles

A cool set for aspiring guitar players to learn how to authentically play the following Beatles songs: 

Paperback Writer

Day Tripper

Ticket to Ride

A Hard Day's Night


The box contains a tutorial DVD that shows exacty how to play the guitar parts, a CD with "sound-alike" backing tracks to play along to and a booklet with the printed music and full TAB transcription for each song. 

Title: Guitar Kit: The Beatles

Author: The Beatles

Language: English

Publisher: Music Sales Limited

Place of Publication: London 

Format: DVD case 

Size: ca.18,5x13 cm

Pages: 32 pages booklet plus DVD plus CD

ISBN: 978-1-846-09383-8

Condition: New, abrasion on slipcase due to storage

17,80 € 2

9,99 €

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The Kooky 3D Kids' Cookbook

Cooking for Kids with a funny extra: The Pictures can be seen in 3D when wearing the 3D glasses (two pairs!)that come with the book. The food is fun to make, fun to look at and fun to eat - a cookbook that will make every cook 6 years and older happy! Try cheesy popcorn, vegie kebabs, bean tacos, noodle stir-fry, layered jellies, shortbread people...

Title: The Kooky 3D Kids' Cookbook

Author: Tracy Rutherford

Language: English

Publisher: Hardie Grant

Place and Year of Publication: London 2010

Format: Hardcover with Spiral Binding

Size: ca. 23x20,5cm 

Pages: 64

ISBN: 978-1-74270-003-8

Condition: New, storage traces

16,92 € 2

4,99 €

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Homestyle Cookies, Muffins and Cakes

Abrased on the outside, indispensable on the inside:

"With more than 150 recipes of diverse origins and flavours, Homestyle Cookies, Muffins and Cakes is an indispensable reference for every home cook. Designed for easy use, each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful photograph of the finished dish as well as step-by-step photographs showing the techniques involved. Every recipe is written in a clear and concise style and has been triple-tested by our team in the test kitchen."

Title: Homestyle Cookies, Muffins and Cakes

Author: Monica Berton (Ed.)

Language: English

Publisher: Mordoch Books

Place and Year of Publication: Australia 2009

Format: Paperback

Size: ca. 29x23,5cm

Pages: 256

ISBN: 978-1741962727

Condition: New, outside abrased due to storage

20,29 € 2

9,99 €

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Jams and Preserves

Another book that's sufferered a little from storage on the outside but remains a treasure full of classic as well as exotic ideas for fantastic jams and preserves:

"More than 100 recipes for sweet and savoury jams, preserves, jellies and marmaldes, chutneys and pickles are included, and there are instructions for making microwave jams and dried fruits, too.And, if you're not sure what you can do with that lovely jam or sauce you've made, other than put in on toast or pour it over fruit, there are also recipes for cakes and scones, sweet and savoury pies, roast dinners and other goodies. Great results are easily achieved with this beautiful book - a celebration of an old tradition that will never go out of fashion."

Title: Jams and Preserves

Author: Anneka Manning (Publ.)

Language: English

Publisher: Murdoch Books

Place and Year of Publication: London/ Australia 2005

Format: Hardcover

Size: ca. 26,5x21,5cm

Pages: 224 

ISBN: 978-1-7433-6286-0

Condition: New, storage traces

17,58 € 2

7,99 €

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Home-Baked Gifts with Love

If you don't mind the storage traces on the outside you'll find a PERFECT inside overflowing with lovely ideas to make your friends happy and have most of the fun yourself while preparing the amazing baked gifts from this beautifully made book. It's a feast for your eyes even while flipping though it - just wait for baked results!

Title: Home-Baked Gifts

Author: Jan Cutler (Ed.), Louise Leffler (Design)

Language: English

Publisher: Cico Books

Place and Year of Publication: London 2012

Format: Hardcover

Size: ca. 24x19,5cm

Pages: 144

ISBN: 978-1-908170-33-0

Condition: New, lots of storage traces on the outside

20,29 € 2

7,99 €

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Amerikanisches Backbuch "Heirloom Baking with the Brass Sisters"

Toll aufgemachtes Backbuch mit den köstlichsten Rezepten der amerikanischen Küche aus über 100 Jahren. Zahlreiche Fotos, bei denen einem das Wasser im Mund zusammenläuft, ergänzt durch Fotos von alten Kochbüchern, Mustern, Geschirr... Voller schöner Muster und in wunderbare Kapitel unterteilt, wie z.B. "The Minister Comes to Dinner", "Bridge with the Girls", "Comforting the Family", "For the Love of Chocolate"....


Titel: Heirloom Baking with the Brass Sisters

Autor: Marylynn Brass, Sheila Brass, Andy Ryan (Fotos)

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers

Erscheinungsort und -jahr: New York 2006

Format: Taschenbuch

Größe: ca. 25x22,5cm

Seitenzahl: 312

ISBN: 978-1-57912-881-4

Zustand: Neu

18,28 € 2

13,95 €

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Bitesize - Macarons, Cake Pops and Cute Things

Eine Fundgrube für alle, die gern mit Liebe kleine süße Köstlichkeiten zubereiten. Das Backbuch ist so appetitlich, zart und süß wie die darin versammelten Rezepte und auch eine schöne Geschenkidee. Jedes Rezept ist von einem ganzseitigen ansprechenden Foto begleitet. 


Titel: Bitesize - Macarons, Cake Pops and Cute Things

Autorin: Deborah Kaloper

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Hardie Grant Books

Erscheinungsort und -jahr: London 2011

Format: Taschenbuch

Größe: ca. 18x18cm

Seitenzahl: 108

ISBN: 978-1-74270-116-5

Zustand: Neu

9,91 € 2

7,99 €

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Cooking with Dad

Spaß mit Papa in der Küche!! Einfache Gerichte, abenteuerliche Gerichte, Überraschungen für Mama, Draußen kochen, Spiele zum Aufessen und vieles mehr biete dieses Rezeptbuch mit witzigen Illustrationen, guten Ideen und nützlichen Tipps. Klappt vermutlich mit Kindern ab 5 und Vätern ab ??



Titel: Cooking with Dad

Autor: Judy Bastyra, Paul Daviz

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Bloomsbury

Erscheinungsort und -jahr: London 1996

Format: Gebundenes Buch 

Größe: ca. 20x20cm

Seitenzahl: 64

ISBN: 0-7475-2523-4

Zustand: Neu

11,78 € 2

8,99 €

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